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Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair

October 27, 9am-3pm

The annual holiday fair will be held outdoors on the grounds of the UU Fellowship located on the busy Atlanta Highway near Ann Street. Artists, crafters and authors are invited to rent spaces for the day-long event. This is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the market of early holiday shoppers and present your work to the public; there will be no buy/sell. In the event of rain, the fair will be moved indoors.

If you have questions or would like help signing up for the event email or call 334-279-9517 for any questions.

How to Sign Up

We are looking for artists, crafters, and authors to participate in our sale. Please read the Vendor Agreement below in its entirety. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to the online sign-up form. After completing the sign-up form, you can provide payment either by using the PayPal link or by mailing a check.

Vendor Agreement Form

  1. All exhibits must be in place by Saturday, October 27th at 8:30 a.m. Exhibits must be open and staffed during all Fair hours. All exhibit structues must be removed within one hour of the close of the Fair.
  2. Vendor agrees to confine all display and selling activity within the assigned vendor space, refraining from placing signs and goods or other materials within or over public aisle space, vendor aisle space, or in the other vendor’s space.
  3. Vendor agrees to abide by all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention, public safety, business licenses, and sales tax permits.
  4. Vendor agrees to maintain the integrity of the Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair & Book Sale and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery (UUFM). The UUFM reserves the right to ask to leave the Fair any vendor who is not acting in the best interest of the Fair, or who does not meet vendor requirements.
  5. Vendor confirms that all items to be sold have been handcrafted by vendor, and no items have been imported or have been commercially produced for resale.
  6. Vendor agrees that application fee is nonrefundable after October 1st.

Vendor Guidelines

Deadline for booth application and payment is October 20, 2018. The payment and application must be received by that date.

The space rental fee for an 8′ x 10′ space is $35.00, which includes an 8′ table and 2 chairs. The rental fee is $25.00 if the vendor does not require a table and chairs. Vendors will be assigned a space prior to the Fair. The number of tables is limited, and tables will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In case of rain, the Fair will be moved into the UUFM building. Booth size in the building may be less than outside depending on the number of vendors requiring indoor space. Those that have tent frames will be encouraged to stay outside.

Refunds of rental fees of $10.00 will be made for cancellations on or prior to October 6, 2018. Cancellations must be made in writing. No refunds will be made after October 6th.

Payment can be made online with Paypal.

If paying by check, make out the check to UUFM and mail with the Vendor Application form and signed Vendor Agreement to:

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery HA&CF 2810 Atlanta Hwy Montgomery, AL 36109

This agreement constitutes the entire contract between parties, and no changes shall be valid unless agreed to by both parties in writing. Be sure to read and sign below:

I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery (UUFM), its agents, employees and representatives from and against any and all liabilities for any injury which I or anyone affiliated with my booth may suffer arising out of or in any way connected with participation in the program noted above. In case of emergency, I may be treated by a qualified physician. I give permission to the UUFM to use my name, photograph and/or photographs of my work in Fair advertising and/or UUFM publications or publicity.

Rules and Regulations

Hours for set-up are from 7:00 to 8:30 a.m. Event hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Vendors are asked to keep their booths open until the Fair closes. If an emergency arises, and you need to leave, please notify the Event Chair that you are leaving.

Vendors will be assigned a check-in time and must check in when arriving so that they may be shown to their vendor space. Vendors who arrive after their checking time should not expect to drive to their booth space.

No food or drink for on site consumption is allowed to be sold from vendor’s booth.

The vendor shall arrange its table(s) and other display equipment so as to not interfere with or block other vendor tables or pedestrian walkways.

Vendor bears the responsibility for security needs for its vendor area.

These items are NOT provided by the Fellowship: electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, table skirting.

Vendors may not use generators.

Vendors must clean their designated vendor area and shall leave with all of their unsold items, merchandise, trash and boxes.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted, and any vendor or vendor’s personnel seen drinking alcoholic beverages during event hours may be asked to leave immediately with the vendor’s future participation in the event discontinued.

Vendors shall be solely responsible for his/her own display, materials, and products.

Vendor shall be solely responsible for set-up and break-down of same.

The vendor understands and agrees that the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery, its agents, employees, and representatives provide no guarantee for the safety of the vendor’s property and shall have no obligation or be responsible for any damage to the vendor’s display, material, work, or equipment.

Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery, its agents, employees and representatives, from any and all causes of action arising from the vendor’s participation in the event and its related activities and operations.

Vendor is responsible for any and all licensing as may be required by local and state governments, and shall comply with all pertinent laws, rules, ordinances, codes, and regulations of the City, County, State, and Federal governments, and agencies thereof having jurisdiction.

Adding products to vendor’s booth beyond what was described in the vendor application is prohibited without approval of the Event Chair. Failure to abide by this rule may result in vendor’s immediate permanent removal from event.

All items sold must be made by the vendor. Commercially produced products may not be sold. The Event Chair reserves the right to deny vendor participation if there is a question regarding the validity of the product(s).

Unacceptable Categories

Promotion/advertising of a specific service, association, club, or product except by those non-profits invited by the event chair.

Cigarette lighters or flammable items with the exception of candles made by the vendor. Candles may not be lit. Food and/or drink unless these are made by the vendor and are the vendor’s primary product and are packaged for off site consumption. These must be approved by the Event Chair. Political campaigns. Toxic products. Weapons. Exceptions to these categories have to be approved by the Event Chair. Failure to comply with acceptable categories will result in expulsion.

By signing the Vendor Application, the vendor agrees to accept and will comply with these guidelines, rules and regulations. The Event Chair reserves the right to amend the agreement, rules, and regulations when deemed necessary to be in the best interest of the public health, safety, and welfare. Event officials reserve the right to remove any vendor from participation if any of these guidelines are not followed.

Sign Up  & Pay

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