Working to dismantle White supremacy culture

We are committed to

  • solidarity with marginalized and oppressed persons,
  • facing the truth in history and ourselves,
  • holding space for authentic dialogue, seeking to understand rather than to be understood

UUA Side with Love

In September, Side With Love launched its Action Center to support those working to build organizing capacity and power in our Unitarian Universalist community. Visit the Action Center, download the guide, and sign up to get involved today. Urgent action is needed to support the Freedom To Vote Act; get resources for your congregation to host an event in your community to protect voting rights. Visit the ACTION CENTER and find resources on climate justice, decriminalization, voting rights, gender & sexuality justice, and more!

Resources for learning and discussion (does not imply endorsement or agreement)

Cultural racism

Law Enforcement


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October-December 2021: Dalraida Elementary School Bicycle Club

Faith in Action Alabama

Montgomery Hub meets on 3rd Thursdays on Zoom. See FIAA on Facebook for details.

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Alabama Arise

Our congregation is a member of Alabama Arise. From their page, “Alabama Arise envisions a state where all people have resources and opportunities to reach their potential to live happy, productive lives. Through analysis, organizing and advocacy, we seek to make that vision a reality. Read more about our work and the values that drive it.”

Their professional organizers, lobbyists, and subject matter experts have created an impressive collection of resources on pressing issues. Here are some links:

Montgomery Pride United

Since our founding in 2015, MPU provides resources for people and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community. They provide services such as support groups, emergency food / clothing, and community gatherings for progressive groups. We have been a member of this coalition since its beginning.

Every Thursday (Zoom info)
Weekly Community Check-in
Every Thursday from 6:30pm CT – 7:30pm CT

Third Tuesday (Zoom info)
MPU Story Hour. Tell a story, any story.
6:30pm CT – 7:30pm CT

Fourth Tuesday (Zoom info)
Trans and GNC Community Night
6:30pm CT – 7:30pm CT

Recent coverage:

In Alabama, Pride Is a Protest for Queer Survival—Even If That Means Protesting Alone