UUFM Congregation agrees to:

  • Reserve specific areas for use and post the activity on the church calendar;
  • Provide the reserved space in general-use condition along with guidelines to help the building user return the space to its as-found condition.;/li>
  • Provide a building host for single events held by individuals, organizations or businesses; and
  • Provide building access and safety training for long-term building users.

Building User agrees to:

  • Make a reservation and identify an authorized contact to negotiate and pay for services;
  • Make a deposit at the time of booking in accordance with the terms of the Building Use Agreement;
  • Deposit 50% of the total charge at the time of booking, fully refundable if the reservation is cancelled with at least 14 days notice;
  • Abide by posted rules, including not smoking or carrying weapons in the building;
  • Ensure facility is returned to condition in which it was found, including clearing of trash in building, parking lot, and grounds; and
  • Vacate the property no later than time established, at or before 10 p.m.

Long Term Users:

  • Are authorized to access the building at scheduled times, after receiving instruction in building safety and security procedures; and
  • Will pay a refundable key deposit of $20 if a key is issued.

Read additional details and the rental form.