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First Wednesdays: UU and You

On the first Wednesday of each month, we host an presentation and Q&A session focusing on a specific topic related to the Unitarian Universalist tradition and practice. These are designed for those who are new to UU or to the Fellowship, but they may be of interest to those who have been around for a while as well. Everyone is welcome. The meeting space is fully accessible. Childcare can be arranged at no charge, with 48 hours notice to lynn@uumontgomery.org.

Recent and Upcoming topics:

April – Worship practices

May – Our Seven Principles

June – Our Six Sources

April Forum

We will look at the things that happen on Sunday morning. Some ritual practices, like chalice lighting and ‘joys & concerns,’ are found in various forms in most UU worship settings. Some elements, like congregational singing and the message or sermon, closely resemble elements of most Christian worship services but with some important differences.

Come join the discussion of why we do what we do, why things are called by certain names, and why we do them in a particular order. Would you like to be involved in worship preparation and programming? This is the perfect place to start.