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First Wednesdays: UU and You

On the first Wednesday of each month, we host an presentation and Q&A session focusing on a specific topic related to the Unitarian Universalist tradition and practice. These are designed for those who are new to UU or to the Fellowship, but they may be of interest to those who have been around for a while as well. Everyone is welcome. The meeting space is fully accessible. Childcare can be arranged at no charge, with 48 hours notice to lynn@uumontgomery.org.

Recent and Upcoming topics:

April – Worship practices

May – Our Seven Principles

June – Our Six Sources

June Forum

You may have noticed the list of our sources in your order of service every week. These are six sources of religious and spiritual wisdom identified by member congregations as the areas of human life and history to which we, as Unitarian Universalists, look for inspiration and edification.

We will talk about what they are, and what each of them offers to us as a unified and yet infinitely diverse religious tradition.