• Now Hiring

  • Sunday Services

    Sunday services begin at 10:00 a.m., with ASL interpreter unless otherwise noted.

    Children are always welcome in our services. We have nursery available for children up to 3 years.
    After our Story for All Ages, children and youth are invited to attend religious education classes except for intergenerational services.

    Following the service, there is social time with coffee and snacks. At 11:30 we have religious education for all adults and community time for children.

  • Our Covenant

    ... to serve our community with open minds, willing hearts, and helping hands as we:
    - Respect one another, honoring that our perceptions may differ;
    - Value our differences, working to better understand them in conflict;
    - Give joyfully of ourselves, being in harmony with our capabilities; and
    - Embrace our connections with each other, nature, the global community, and the great mystery of life.

  • Our Mission Statement

    The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery is a welcoming community committed to nurturing the human spirit.

    We value:
    • - Spiritual Growth
    • - Intentional Diversity
    • - Social Justice
    • - Logic and Reason

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  • Marriage Equality

    We believe in love, and marriage for everyone.
    If you are seeking a location and/or an officiant for your wedding, we would like to help. Give us a call. For rental information, click here.
  • First Wednesday Forum

    First Wednesday Forum hosts local speakers for presentation and discussion on topics of broad community interest. Open to all & always free. Wheelchair accessible. Child care & ASL interpretation require 48 hours advance notice.
    On the last (4th or 5th) Wednesday of each month we hold our ongoing White Supremacy Culture Community Conversations at 6pm. Everyone is welcome, and encouraged to bring friends, to participate or just listen in.
  • The Fellowship Library

    View our collection

    All volumes available for loan to UUFM members.

    Indexing is ongoing, so check back for more items!


The Unitarian Fellowship of Montgomery (UUFM) has stood for fifty years as a place of intentional diversity, community engagement, spiritual exploration, religious fellowship and hospitality. We are citizens of Montgomery, rooted in its history and dedicated to its future. As an expression of our connection to those around us, we make our building available as a gathering place to organizations and families. The beauty of our worship space, the versatility of our Fellowship/dining hall, and the utility of our classrooms have been enjoyed by clubs, hobbyists, religious congregations, civic organizations, social agencies, families and friends for many years.

UUFM is open to groups, businesses and individuals whose mission and purpose are consistent with UU Principles. The Board of Trustees has final approval of building users and authorizes the minister or designee to approve applications and negotiate fees. See Building Use Categories and Fee Schedule in the PDF for details.


Spaces Rates Maximum Guests
Sanctuary $125 per hour 160
Fellowship Hall $100 per hour 99
Kitchen $30 flat fee with any other rental N/A
Founder’s Room $50 per hour 40
Classrooms (3) $30 per hour 20
Library/Nursery $30 per hour 12


UUFM Congregation agrees to:

  • Reserve specific areas for use and post the activity on the church calendar.
  • Provide the reserved space in general-use condition along with guidelines to help the building user return the space to its as-found condition.
  • Provide a building host for single events held by individuals, organizations or businesses.
  • Provide building access and safety training for long-term building users.

Building User agrees to:

  • Make a reservation and identify an authorized contact to negotiate and pay for services.
  • Make a deposit at the time of booking in accordance with the terms of the Building Use Agreement.
  • Deposit 50% of the total charge at the time of booking, fully refundable if the reservation is cancelled with at least 14 days notice.
  • Abide by posted rules, including not smoking or carrying weapons in the building.
  • Ensure facility is returned to condition in which it was found, including clearing of trash in building, parking lot and grounds.
  • Vacate the property no later than time established, at or before 10:00pm.

Long Term Users:

  • Are authorized to access the building at scheduled times, after receiving instruction in building safety and security procedures.
  • Will pay a refundable key deposit of $20 if a key is issued.


Images of the rental spaces:


For additional details and the rental form see this PDF.