• Sunday Services

    Sunday services begin at 10:00 a.m., with ASL interpreter unless otherwise noted.

    Children are always welcome in our services. We have nursery available for children up to 3 years.
    After our Story for All Ages, children and youth are invited to community time except for intergenerational services.

    Following the service, there is social time with coffee and snacks. At 11:30 we have religious education for all ages.

  • Our Mission Statement

    The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery is a welcoming community committed to nurturing the human spirit.

    We value:
    • - Spiritual Growth
    • - Intentional Diversity
    • - Social Justice
    • - Logic and Reason

  • Our Covenant

    ... to serve our community with open minds, willing hearts, and helping hands as we:
    - Respect one another, honoring that our perceptions may differ;
    - Value our differences, working to better understand them in conflict;
    - Give joyfully of ourselves, being in harmony with our capabilities; and
    - Embrace our connections with each other, nature, the global community, and the great mystery of life.

Who we are

SAC engages in direct action, public information and religious education activities to apply the principles of Unitarian Universalism and the congregational Statements of Belief in the larger world.


The Social Action Committee meets every second Tuesday at 7pm. All are invited to attend.

Share the Plate

Each month, the congregation dedicates 50% of all undesignated funds in the Sunday morning collection to an organization in the community that is actively pursuing the values and ideals that we share. The organization is selected by the Social Action Committee.

For February, we share the plate with the Equal Justice Initiative’s Community Remembrance Project.
EJI’s Community Remembrance Project is part of our campaign to recognize the victims of lynching by collecting soil from lynching sites and creating a memorial that acknowledges the horrors of racial injustice. Community members are invited to join EJI staff to collect soil from sites throughout Alabama. This soil collection project is intended to bring community members closer to the legacy of lynching and to contribute to the effort to build a lasting and more visible memory of our history of racial injustice. Jars of collected soil will be part of an exhibit that will reflect the history of lynching and express our generation’s resolve to confront the continuing challenges that racial inequality creates.

Fifth Wednesday Forum

Four times a year, on fifth Wednesdays, the SAC hosts an evening program on a justice-related topic of particular interest to the congregation and the community. More information on these programs is available through our event calendar.

Much More

Additional information on SAC activities is available at these links:

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