• Sunday Services

    Sunday services begin at 10:00 a.m., with ASL interpreter unless otherwise noted.

    Children are always welcome in our services. We have nursery available for children up to 3 years.
    After our Story for All Ages, children and youth are invited to community time except for intergenerational services.

    Following the service, there is social time with coffee and snacks. At 11:30 we have religious education for all ages.

  • Our Mission Statement

    The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery is a welcoming community committed to nurturing the human spirit.

    We value:
    • - Spiritual Growth
    • - Intentional Diversity
    • - Social Justice
    • - Logic and Reason

  • Our Covenant

    ... to serve our community with open minds, willing hearts, and helping hands as we:
    - Respect one another, honoring that our perceptions may differ;
    - Value our differences, working to better understand them in conflict;
    - Give joyfully of ourselves, being in harmony with our capabilities; and
    - Embrace our connections with each other, nature, the global community, and the great mystery of life.

UU FellowshipWelcome to UUFM!

Our fellowship is open to all who seek a religious home without creed or dogma and guided by love, reason and conscience.

We are located at 2810 Atlanta Highway in Montgomery, Alabama 36109. You can reach us at (334)279-9517 or info@uumontgomery.org.

The theme for May: the Spirit of UU.

April 30 – Did you hear that?
What might the voice of God sound/feel/look/taste like?

Second Hour:
Fifth Sunday lunch – Bring something to share if you can. Everyone is welcome.

May 3 – First Wednesday Forum: ‘White Supremacy Culture’

It permeates our work, political, school and church life. It doesn’t mean that we are white supremacists; it does mean that racial preference is part of our society. It’s persistent, but it is not inevitable.
As always, people of all race/ethnicity and faith tradition (if any) are welcome. Child care is available at no charge.

May 7 – Unitarian
It’s a strange word, kind of like ‘unity’ but not like that at all… what’s it mean?

Second Hour:
Mental Health America – Share the Plate with Social Action Committee
Guided Meditation with Jay Valentine
A Course in Miracleswith Maureene Bass

May 14 – Universalist
It has variations of meaning, and exists in every religious context. What is it?

Second Hour:
Chair Yoga with Susan Enzweiler
Guided Meditation with Jay Valentine
A Course in Miracleswith Maureene Bass

May 21 – Fellowship
Not just a euphemism for ‘church,’ this idea is at the core of our tradition

Second Hour:
Impermanence—Insights for Living and Dying (Frank Ostaseki) discussion with Charlie Suhor
Social Action Committee

May 28 – Building Our Theological House
Ministerial candidate Mandy Goheen, MDiv. is home from graduation and in the pulpit!

Second Hour:
TED Talk video and discussion
Islam and Christianity

May 31 – Fifth Wednesday Social Action Forum: Going Deeper on White Supremacy Culture 6:00 pm
On First Wednesday, we began talking about what it means, that our nation is characterized by ‘white supremacy culture’ in which we all unwittingly participate in countless ways. Join us to continue that conversation.