• Sunday Services

    Sunday services begin at 10:00 a.m., with ASL interpreter unless otherwise noted.
    Children are always welcome in our services. We have a nursery for children birth to 3 years who would prefer to play. After our Story for All Ages, children and youth are invited to community time.
    Following the service, there is social time with coffee and snacks. At 11:20 we have religious education for all ages.
    On Wednesdays at 6:00pm:
    First Wednesday Forum features a local speaker on a topic of broad community interest.
    Second Wednesday Vespers is a simple service of prayer, sharing and silence followed by community supper.
    Third Wednesday Quaker Reflection and Sharing offers a short reading followed by and contemplative sharing.
    Fourth Wednesday Metaphysical Teaching with retired Unity minister Rev. Maureene Bass.

  • February service topics

    February 7: God as creativity with Rev. Lynn Hopkins
    Theologian Gordon Kaufman suggested that the notion of God as person is obsolete in post-modern reality and, without abandoning Christianity, offered a very different way of imagining “God the Father.”

    February 14: God as love with Rev. Lynn Hopkins
    One of the first definitions of God that ever really made sense to me was, “the power of love in action.” It’s Valentine’s Day, but of course that’s not the kind of love we mean.

    February 21: God as music with Rev. Lynn Hopkins
    A favorite metaphor of mine for describing the vastness, variety and elusiveness of the god-idea was offered by a brilliant Hindu teacher whose name I have lost (maybe you know?) Of anything in our lived experience, music comes closest as model for God.

    February 28:God as Divine Feminine with Mandy Goheen
    Wisdom, Sophia, Gaia, and Goddess will take us on a journey of exploring Process Theology. We will use Carol Christ, Rosemary Radford Ruether, and William Hartshorne as our guides for understand the role God's creative femininity plays in co-creation.

UU FellowshipWelcome to UUFM!

Our fellowship is open to all who seek a religious home without creed or dogma and guided by love, reason and conscience.

We are located at 2810 Atlanta Highway in Montgomery, Alabama 36109. You can reach us at (334)279-9517 or info@uumontgomery.org. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Our Mission:

     The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery is a welcoming community committed to nurturing the human spirit.
          We value:

  • Social Justice
  • Intentional Diversity
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Logic and Reason

Our Covenant:
     We the members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Montgomery promise to serve our community with open minds, willing hearts, and helping hands as we:
     Respect one another, honoring that our perceptions may differ;
     Value our differences, working to better understand them in conflict;
     Give joyfully of ourselves, being in harmony with our capabilities; and
     Embrace our connections with each other, nature, the global community, and  the great mystery of life