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There are many ways in which you can contribute to the work and ministry of UUFM. Our budget comes from money given in our Sunday offering, from our pledge drive, and from fundraisers. You can also contribute using the donate link below.

Wake Now Our Vision Legacy Campaign

This is a chance to give a gift to UUFM now without any money down. You do not have to put up any funds and when your gift is realized at your death, you will not need the money anymore.

How is this possible?  A grant to encourage legacy giving from the Shelter Rock UU congregation will match any planned gift at the level of 10%.  So a bequest of $100,000 will bring UUFM 10,000 in 1919.

A planned gift is from your assets i.e. what you own- retirement account, life insurance, the stuff you accumulate as you live. It does not come from your income. And all bequests are revocable ( can be changed at will).

I think of this matching grant as “free money” as it is not a part of our budget and will be used to purchase items or services that we need but do not have funds for in the current budget. A small group of members gathered to make a list of what they saw as items that will make a difference to our congregation.  This is the thinking of the group.

  1. Sound system for the sanctuary
  2. Furniture for the RE classrooms
  3. Dish washer repair or replacement
  4. Hiring guests soloists- vocal or instrumental
  5. Hiring guest speakers for the 4th Sunday
  6. Re-wiring the kitchen